We take the complexity out of saving thousands of dollars in taxes when you purchase your new RV. Simply form a Montana LLC, and focus on your next great trip.

A Montana RV holding company (Montana LLC) could be the solution you have been looking for to lower your ownership costs and allow your resources to go further! That’s why Tax Free RV exists – we can help you register your recreational vehicle in a unique, legal manner that will cut your ownership costs by thousands of dollars. Our years of experience will help you maneuver through this exciting legal opportunity. We have worked with thousands of RV enthusiasts just like you, and will help you understand everything that is involved with getting started and registering your vehicle. Our team of customer care professionals ensure that you will be satisfied with our service from start to finish!

Understanding the legal requirements, working with the Secretary of State’s office, and registering your RV can sometimes be complicated – but with Tax Free RV, we make it easy! Tax Free RV acts as your registration consultant and much more.

Tax Free RV Services include:

  • Montana LLC Formation
  • RV Registration – Initial vehicle registration of your RV or motorhome in Montana, including all associated legal documentation.
  • License Plates Renewal
  • Annual Renewal of your Montana LLC
  • RV Financing Referrals
  • RV Insurance Recommendations
  • Registration of additional vehicles
  • And much more…

Exactly what's involved in my Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC) for RVs?

Once you’ve ordered the Tax Free RV service, we handle the entire process of RV registration, which can dramatically reduce or eliminate your RV sales taxes.

  1. We manage the legal relationships needed to form and maintain your new Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Montana. You do not need to personally reside in Montana. This Montana LLC will become the official “owner” of your RVs, which establishes the vehicle residence in Montana, a State without sales tax.
  2. Our RV expert staff generates and delivers all the necessary legal forms for your new Limited Liability Company. You become the owner of your own Montana LLC.
  3. Our RV service includes establishing a Montana statutory address for your new Limited Liability Company. Since it’s an official company, you do not need to personally reside in Montana.
  4. We also act as your Montana Statutory Agent and handle related legal affairs concerning RVs. This includes filing Articles of Organization and all other legal paperwork for your new Montana LLC.
  5. Tax Free RV registers your RVs in the name of your Montana LLC and purchases the license plates. Your license plates will ship directly to any address you designate.
  6. Our RVs expert staff produces a company book for your important Limited Liability Company documentation and state registration forms
  7. We package and ship your Limited Liability Company Kit including:
    • Professional Binder with your Limited Liability Company name
    • Articles of Organization
    • Operating Agreement
    • Company Resolution to Purchase your RVs
    • Company Resolution Authorizing Operation of your RVs
    • Certificate of Membership Interest
    • Attractive glove box envelope for your important papers.
  8. Finally, we send you a notice each December for renewal of your Montana LLC to keep your registration and tax status in good standing at all times.

What are the Legal Documents involved in forming a Montana LLC?

Document A: Agreement to Form an LLC (Limited Liability Company)
This document provides us with permission to file Articles of Organization on your behalf to form a Montana LLC (Limited Liability Company). It also explains that our involvement is solely to form your company.

Document B: Power of Attorney
This document is limited and only permits Tax Free RV the ability to register your new RV and purchase your license plates for the state of Montana.

Document C: Articles of Organization
This is the document that each state requires to form an LLC (Limited Liability Company).

Document D: Company Resolution to Purchase RV
Even though you form a Montana LLC (Limited Liability Company) it is a legal requirement that your company provide you with permission to make this purchase. This document provides that permission.

Document E: Company Resolution Authorizing Operation of your RV
The Company Resolution Authorizing Operation is kept in the RV and gives you permission to operate it.

Document F: Operating Agreement to form an LLC
The Operating Agreement outlines the structure, information and rules of the Limited Liability Company.

Document G: Certificate of Membership Interest
After you form a Montana LLC (Limited Liability Company), these certificates show ownership percentages in your new company. If you are the sole owner it would show 100%. If you and your husband or wife were both listed as members there would be two certificates showing 50% ownership for each of you.

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